Thursday, March 29, 2012

Help with supporting.

Support is a very simple, yet tremendously game changing, as well as complicated for the role you have to perform. Wards, simple 75g or 125g item that could either make you lose or win the game (just lost the game). Generally you will want to start the game with Meki Pendant, 2 green wards, 3 hp pots, 1 mana pot. take the same thing but change the green ward to pink for early game ganks (Shyvana, Lee Sin, Shaco, Tryndamere)  so you can kill the enemy teams ward for early lane control. Green wards and other pink wards can be spotted by pink wards as well as oracles (talk about that later), so you will want to put pink wards at more crucial parts of the map; Baron, Dragon, Tri-bushes, and river entrances. mid-late game you can grab an oracles elixir to have excellent map control by destroying enemy wards. Another important factor to support is WHERE you place the wards, like exact location. Photobucket

With this ward placement you can get more vision covering 6 very important locations around dragon. Other important support items would be Shurelya's Reverie, Aegis of the Legion, Soul Shroud, Zeke's Herald and Frozen Heart as well as GP5 items like Heart of Gold, Philosophers Stone and Kage's Lucky Pick. Here's a map showing some key ward placements.

Any questions just comment.
The tournament in North America is starting up so you should probably buy a new computer chair soon, back pain FTL.

I'll try to keep you guys posted on the brackets and wins/losses during the competition.
Stay classy San Diblogo (see what I did there?)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cait Trap Map

Since Caitlyn is free, here is a really good placement chart for her traps for lane/map control.


Free Week Season 2: Week 18

This weeks free week is a very good one if you are an unexperienced player,


x2 Lee Sin Jungle Routes

Two Jungle Lee Sin Routes (also can be played top):

One passive, leave jungle to gank at level 4. (all camps)


One aggressive, level 2 at red. immediate gank on enemy jungle (if started at blue) and gank on bot, mid or top. early. how I play him. Photobucket

The best

I'm going to run through the best champs of each role as my perspective, through gameplay and observation  I have found these champions the best, though they do have downsides.

AP MID - Morgana (AoE, Spellshield, 2 forms of CC, plenty of damage even when playing tanky)
AD CARRY - Vayne (Large AD steroid, Invis, CC (knockback), 2 gap closers, true % damage)
                       Caitlyn, i agree that Vayne is the best, Caitlyn is my favorite though and I will talk about why.
SUPPORT - Taric/Janna couldn't decide (CC, + Steriods, Heals,)
JUNGLE - Lee Sin (steroids, high mobility even without flash, cc, heavy slow, 2 gap closers, good duelist)
TOP - AD Riven (mobility is high, cc, steroids, good duelist, sustained damage, shield)
           AP Rumble (LOTS OF DAMAGE, huge slows[good for 1v1], plenty of sustained damage, shield)



I guess I should make this for any new players that don't know the "lingo" for League of Legends.

gg = good game
steroid = (Vayne gains 25 Attack Damage) giving your AD a boost, or a "steroid".
b = back, or fall back in your lane.
imba = imbalanced, or overpowered.
op = over powered.
red = aura granted by killing the lizard, slows and deals bonus damage
blue = aura granted by killing the golem, massive mana regen, and 20% cooldown reduction
baron buff = Each champion from the killing team gets 40 AD and AP, as well as health mana regen.
Dragon = boss, when killed give 190 gold to all players on killing team
CDR = cooldown reduction
AD = attack damage
AP = ability power
crit = critical strike chance
Armor/Magic pen = penetrates the enemies armor or magic resists.



You can base many LoL matchups and who to play by looking at the tier lists at that link and the links found near it, the solo queue list wont be up for awhile due to the fact that Elementz is on tour. The NA (North America US East & West) the meta is Tanky/Pusher/Good Sustain top lane, AP mid, Jungling jungler, Ranged AD carry and a support bot lane. Other servers can differ. Mainly I play a jungler or other forms of damage, not so much on the support or tank side, though I do know how to play these roles well. Photobucket

Tuesday, March 27, 2012




Who are you?

My name is Ryan.
Rycene on LoL.
1400 top rating.
I have the skill to do better than my current rating but not the time.
Haters gunna hate.