Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm back!

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting in awhile, school had me tied up but now thats it's summer im going to start the blog again! I probably could've kept the blog going but I wasn't playing as much so I feel like I would be teaching things that aren't necessarily the best or new. 

I've been playing a lot recently and the game has completely changed. I wouldn't say that the blog is not out of date to the point that it isn't useful. So feel free to view old posts. But from this point on I will be designing and updating the blog everyday. 


I will be featuring another game on the blog too this summer. I have a feeling the second game will be an MMORPG but it will be constantly changing due to the inconsistance of MMOs at this time. Right now, I'm playing NEVERWINTER, a Dungeons&Dragons game made by Cryptic Studios who is owned by Perfect World. Its kind of a sequel to the traditional Neverwinter Nights series as it is heavily influenced by it.  


My brother, who will probably be playing with me often will have a stream up most of the time, I'll post a link when I get home, im currently at school for the LAST week!

Thanks guys


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