Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Neverwinter First Impressions!

 photo NWLOGO.png

Hey guys,
Currently I have a level 25 Trickster Rouge.
Three things I want to mention before I go into detail.
1. The game is in BETA. (don't expect anything)
2. Exploits are currently having their way with the currencies in game; Astral Diamonds, Gold, and Zen.
3. This game is completely FREE. Yet there is end-game items able to be bought with REAL MONEY (pay-to-win trolls engage)

Starting out

As soon as I logged in I could tell that the graphics were ABOVE AVERAGE. But of course I'm stuck on low settings and I do lag in graphically intense areas (cities, battlegrounds, boss fights) so I would suggest you have a decent computer before you play if you want the full experience. I'm going to briefly go over the races because the choice in races in this game is almost irrelevant. Though the modifiers are IMPORTANT, you DO NOT have to pick Tiefling because you want to play the Control Wizard and they have the Intel modifiers.

1. Human (+2 to any ability score)
2. Elf (+2 to Dex, +2 Intel or Wis)
3. Dwarf (+2 Cons, +2 Str or Wis)
4. Tiefling (+2 Char, +2 Cons or Intel)
5. Halfling (+2 Dex, +2 Char or Cons)
6. Half Elf (ME) (+2 Dex, +2 Cons or Char)
7. Half Orc (+2 Dex, +2 Con or Str)

The class system in Neverwinter is pretty unique, yes it DOES revolve around the trinity system (tank, healer, DPS) but you really dont have to follow it. I'll cover that in a little more detail below.


  1. I was confused about that racial bonuses, now I'm not! Thanks!